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Complete International Solutions, Inc.

VCC litepipes.

We are the export office for Visual Communications Company (VCC) Inc, a US manufacturer of opto-electronics.  Some of their products include:



                                                      LED mounts

                                                      LED lenses

                                                      LED litepipes

                                                      LED panel mounts

                                                      LED standoff and PCB mounts

                                                      Cable assemblies




The unique flush design and 2.5mm diameter allows light to transmit from a surface mount or through-hole LED to the front display panel.

The litepipe® transmits light from the source to the lens, dispensing light up to 160°.

VCC's LMC Series Micro litepipe® increases the apparent brightness and viewing angle of a PCB-mounted LED, is available in sizes ranging from .200” to 1.20”, and is virtually unseen until the LED is activated.

featured product:

VCC also specializes in electromechanical components such as standard and custom LED cable assemblies, interconnects and harnesses.  All VCC products are 100% RoHS compliant and ISO certified.


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