GPI 920

Complete International Solutions, Inc.

VCC litepipes.



1. We act as the export office department, handling all international transactions.

2. We purchase goods directly from the manufacturer in US dollars and then resell directly to the customer or distributors abroad.

3.   We aggressively market in the name of the manufacturer.

4.   We have partnerships with Freight Forwarders, Insurance Agents, Banks, Consultants and       other Export Companies.  This offers you a quality, full service export department.




1. Our pricing arrangements with manufacturers usually allow CIS to sell to our overseas

      distributors at the same discount standard US distributors are offered.

2. Our EMC services are “free” in that we earn our money by selling the manufacturer’s  


3.   CIS is responsible for the payment of commission to its representatives.

4.   CIS handles:


               General and administrative costs (including travel)

               International marketing and advertising

               Sales and collections

               Literature distribution

               Currency exchanges

               Obtaining export licenses when necessary


               Shipping and all export documentation

               Letters of credit